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Terms and Conditions

For hire and supply of goods and services



Payment of a preliminary reservation fee or a full booking deposit constitutes full understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions. These are the terms to which you will be contracted. No alteration or substitution to these terms and conditions will be valid unless agreed in writing by both parties


1. The Company

Unless otherwise stated, all goods supplied are on a hire basis only and title remains with Anaiah Grace Events Ltd known as The Company.


2. The Client

This is the person named on the booking form / quotation . The Client takes full responsibility for the goods under the following terms and conditions.


3. Securing a Booking / Payment


3.1. Preliminary reservation fee [Applicable to venue dressing services only]:

The Client is required to pay a preliminary reservation fee of £200 to reserve their booking with the Company for a 2 week period whilst relevant design details are being finalised. This fee is non-refundable, however it is deductible from the Client’s final package quotation. The Company reserves the right to cancel a preliminary reservation, if a full booking deposit ( see section 3.2) is not made by the Client within 2 weeks of paying the preliminary reservation fee. This will result in the forfeit of the preliminary reservation fee and no refunds will be issued. A preliminary reservation does not constitute a full booking with the Company.  This can be extended at the Company’s discretion and with prior agreement for which a charge may be levied.


3.2. Full booking deposit:

The Client is required to pay a 25% full booking deposit to secure their booking with the Company. No booking will be deemed to have been made until a full booking deposit is received.


3.3. Final balance payment:

The Final balance payment is payable FortyFive (45) days before the event date. If a booking is cancelled more than three months in advance then no more is payable, but the deposit will not be refunded. If a booking is cancelled within three months then see the cancellation terms (in section 4) below. These monies can be used against a future booking within 12 months, if the event is only postponed. Bookings made within FortyFive (45) days of the event date must be paid in full at time of booking. Anaiah Grace Events Ltd WILL NOT ATTEND, SUPPLY OR PROVIDE ANY GOODS OR SERVICES IF THE FULL BALANCE HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL – PAYMENT ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT IS NOT ACCEPTED.


3.4. Refundable Damage Deposit:

A refundable damage deposit of £200 will be charged towards loss or replacement of any items that are damaged beyond repair whilst on hire to the Client. This deposit will be refunded to the Client in full or part thereof provided all goods are returned on time and undamaged. Lost or damaged goods will be charged at full retail value. Retail value for all hired goods can be supplied at the time of booking. The Client agrees to accept the Company’s costs towards lost or damaged goods. The Client agrees to pay any additional charges in the event that the replacement charges levied by the Company exceeds the refundable damage deposit. Ownership of damaged goods remain with the Company.  Allow up to 10 working days for processing of refunds. All refunds will be via Bank Transfer. 



4. Order Changes / Cancellations or Reduction of Hired Goods

Reductions in the quantities of hire goods within Forty Five (45) days of the event date will not be refunded. Additions to hire goods quantities are subject to availability at the time of request only and not guaranteed. In the event of the client making a full cancellation, or cancellation of any individual items within the quote, the following charges will apply:

  • 1. Cancellation 3 calendar months before the wedding date 30% of the last package quotation

  • 2. Cancellation between 14 and 28 days before the wedding date – 50% of the last package quotation

  • 3. Cancellation less than 14 days before the wedding date – 100% of the last package quotation


No changes to design concepts are permitted with FortyFive (45) days of the event date. The company will endeavour to supply specific items requested, however we reserve the right to substitute with a close alternative where necessary.


5. The Hire Period [DIY hire only]

This is for six days, with goods available for collection or dispatch 3 days prior to the event. For weekend weddings the earliest collection is the Wednesday prior to the event date. This can be extended at the Company’s discretion and prior agreement for which a charge may be levied. (This will be noted clearly on your booking form). All goods must be returned by the following Monday after a weekend event or by the 6th day of hire. The day after the 6th day hire will be the 7th day. Upon the 7th day this will start a new hire period of six days hire period for which the full hire value of original signed booking form will be charged. On the 14th day after the original hire period if the goods have not been returned the hire period will stop and it will be deemed that you wish to purchase the goods at full retail value. In the case w listed on the website for each item. A charge will be taken from your credit / debit card – details of which will be held by the Company at the time of booking.


6. Delivery / Collection of Hire Goods

Glass products cannot be couriered and are hired on a collection basis only if supplied on a DIY hire basis. If glassware is booked along with other goods and venue dressing services where the Company will be setting up and attending the event, glassware can be delivered to the event along with all other hired products and services, this will be clearly stated on the Client’s booking form and all details agreed by both the Client and Company.


7. Courier Collections Returns

All hire goods suitable for courier delivery must be organised by the Client. Any courier company used by the Client must be guaranteed, insured and have a tracking number. Goods are to be booked on a next day courier service and notice given to the Company of the date of courier collection and return. See section 3 above. Hire Period for the available collection and return times. Couriered returns from the Client must reach the Company by the 6th day of hire. In the event of delays in transit proof of dispatch will be required in order to levy any charges for late return of goods. The Client understands that hired goods are sent by courier at their own risk, therefore any loss or damages to the hired goods caused in transit are charged at the full retail value. All items received back via an independent courier will be checked whilst in the presence of the courier driver. Any breakages will be noted as such at that time on the manifest and charged accordingly. All disputes and/or claims regarding loss or damage of hire goods in transit remain between the Client and the Courier Company used by the Client.


8. Liability

The Client is solely responsible for the Hired Goods not the reception / event venue / hotel / florist or any other third party to whom the Client has entrusted the Hire Goods. The Client alone shall be responsible for ensuring the Hired Goods are kept in good order from the time of despatch from the Company until back into the possession of the Company. Therefore if the Client intends to leave Hired Goods anywhere other than in the Client’s possession before or after the event an agreement of a good provision of storage must be made and organized direct with the hotel or third party by the Client and does so at their own risk. If the Client intends to leave directly after the event finishes e.g. Honeymoon, the Client must organize the take down, re-packaging and return of all hired goods prior to the event, nominating a third party to act on their behalf, the contact names, addresses and telephone numbers should be made known the Company so that the goods can be located after the event. The Client will still be fully responsible for the hired goods even when dealt with by a third party.


9. Packaging

All goods are provided packaged in boxes. Therefore all goods must be re-packaged in the original boxes provided ready for collection / return. A charge will be made for non-return or damage of original boxes and packaging usually around £20-£30 per box. This covers the cost of the Company having to get boxes specially made to be able to store and re-hire these items.


10. Candelabras

Candelabras will get badly scratched or broken if not placed back into the supplied protective packaging. If this occurs a charge of the full retail value of the item will be charged. If Candelabras are returned back, with all candelabras thrown back in pieces in one carton, the full retail value of all the candelabras will be charged – this point will not be disputed as candelabras treated in this manner is disrespectful of the Company’s goods and cannot be re-hired. Wire must not be used as it will scratch the Candelabras. Candelabras can be returned dirty with any wax residue that may have occurred during the event, DO NOT SCRATCH WAX OFF CANDELABRAS WITH ANY TOOLS OR IMPLEMENTS – this will scratch the candelabras if you must, only use hot water to remove wax.


11. Feather Centerpieces

Feather centrepieces are supplied by the Company in a set package consisting of 20 feathers, 80cm glass lily vase, crystal gel, E’luminator LED uplighter base, foam holder with cup, weight and 1 submersible floralyte. This makes up one centrepiece, therefore ALL these items need be returned to the Company in their entirety. Any missing or damaged feathers are charged at £5 each to replace if feathers are found to be missing upon breakdown of the event or on return to the shop if hired on a DIY basis. The Client is responsible for the feathers after the Company has left the venue / site after an on-site set up prior to the event, during the event and after the event, until the hired goods are back in the Company’s possession. The Client must ensure guests and/or staff do not dismantle the centrepiece or take any part or all of the centrepiece off the event venue site. The feather centrepieces are priced for HIRE only and not for purchase.


12. Glassware

Glassware must be handled with care; vases should not be lifted by the lip of the vase but with two hands at the base. Hired glassware is the responsibility of the Client from the time the hired items leave the premises of the Company until it is returned back to the Company; therefore glassware in transit is still the responsibility of the Client. If the Company has delivered and provided glassware direct to a venue or household the Client is responsible for the goods after delivery and set up by the Company until the hired goods have been collected from the venue or household by the Company. The Company will not accept the any other glassware product that is not stated on the booking confirmation as a replacement of any damaged hired glassware.


13. Candles

Anaiah Grace Events Ltd does not take responsibility for any damage or fire caused by candles provided for any hire bookings, candles sold or provided for an on-site set up, permission must be sought by the Client from the venue to use candles. Candles must not be left unattended and should be extinguished at the end of the evening.


14. Charger Plates

Charger plates must not be used in place of dinner plates and must be returned reasonably clean without food remnant or stains. A mandatory £0.30p per charger plates will be levied by the Company to the Client to cover costs relating to cleaning to excessively soiled charger plates


15. Backdrops / Draping

Damage to the backdrops such as rips and tears will result in a full replacement of the section damaged. Excessive stains from food or drinks will be subject to a cleaning fee of £100, should any stains not come out of the backdrop curtains after cleaning, a fee to replace the curtain will result up to the value of that section, in the event of this occurring, an invoice from the supplier will be provided for the cost of replacement and the damaged curtain will be available for inspection by the Client. The same applies for the plain draping and swagging. Non-return of backdrops will result in a replacement charge of £500 for 3m x 3m section. 15. Chair Covers: Chair covers hired on a DIY basis are supplied washed ironed (except stretch lycra) and folded into shipping crates which must be retained for return transit. If the Company is delivering and collecting DIY chair covers no fitting will be carried out by the Company, chair covers /sashes are to be taken off the chairs at the end of the event evening and put back into crates provided ready for collection, if the Company, arrive on site for a DIY collection and covers have not been taken off by the Client the Client will be charged a labour fee of 50p per cover for removal by the Company. Changes in quantity for chair covers will not be accepted after one month prior to the event date – the date of order finalisation and settlement. By prior agreement the Company may add quantities subject to availability. No refunds will be given for quantities pre-ordered and not required on the day of the event. Chair covers damaged beyond laundry / ripped / torn or burned will be charged at £20 per cover for linen and £10 per cover for lycra and the linen will be available for inspection if requested.


16. Non Returns / Damaged Goods

The Client will pay for any non-returns, damaged goods or breakages howsoever caused at full retail value. Details of the retail value of Hired Goods will be given at request at the time of booking for the Client’s own information. All packaging and boxes MUST be kept and returned in good condition. The loss / damage of these boxes will incur a replacement charge, usually around £20-£30 per box. This covers the cost of the Company having to get boxes specially made to be able to store and re-hire these items.


17. Deliveries

Deliveries and collections by courier can only be made to a residential address provided by the Client. Deliveries will not be sent direct to a venue or collections from a venue as all goods require to be checked upon receipt. Deliveries must be inspected upon receipt. Any shortages, breakages or incorrect items must be notified to the Company within six hours (same day) of receipt. This enables us to put things right in good time. No claims for breakages, loss or incorrect items can be entertained beyond this time period. The Company will not be liable after this time and no refunds will be given if the notification time is not adhered to. All deliveries and collections will be charged for.


18. Collections

Collections must be inspected at the Company’s premises; hired goods must be checked against the booking form before being taken. The hire goods stated on the booking confirmation will be prepared, cleaned and checked by the Company, but it is the responsibility for the Client to check the items on the order as any shortages, breakages or incorrect items cannot be clarified or rectified after the Client has left the premises with the goods. The Company will not be liable after this time and no refunds will be given if the notification time is not adhered to.


19. Liability

The Company shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained arising from any Hired Goods from Anaiah Grace Events Ltd. In no circumstance will the Company’s liability exceed the quotation value of Hired Goods. The Company will make every effort to deliver and collect at times and dates specified, however the company will not accept liability if times and dates can not be complied with.


20. Insurance

The Client is advised to take out personal wedding insurance. The Company does not accept responsibility if the client chooses not to do this.


21. Venue Dressing Service

The Client is obliged to supply or make arrangements for adequate staffing for the following aspects of their event which are not covered by the Company during a Venue Dressing Service. The Company do not take responsibility for;

  1. Stacking and unstacking chairs and tables:

The Company is not obliged to assist in the stacking and unstacking tables and chairs for an event. There will be a mandatory charge of £0.50p per table and chair will be levied by the Company if required to assist with this effort on the day of the event.. The company is happy to assist with supplying porters for stacking and unstacking tables and chairs, if required at a rate of  £10 per person per hour + any additional transportation charges. This will be detailed in the package quotation on request.

2. Setting up of cutlery, crockery and glassware

The Company does not under any circumstance take responsibility for setting up cutlery, crockery and glassware. The Client is obliged to make suitable arrangements to cover this

Where a Venue Dressing Service has been requested, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the Venue is ready (can be accessed and includes the right number of tables and chairs unstacked) at the times stated for dressing. Delays may impact agreed completion times and may result in further charges or abandonment.


22. Meetings

The Company reserve the right to judge how much time should be spent on face to face meetings. After the third face to face meeting a charge of £50 per meeting may apply.


23. Sub-Contractor

The organiser reserves the right to pass on the personal details of the Client to sub-contractors who are directly involved with the Client’s event package. These details may be kept on a database for future reference. The client agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions of Anaiah Grace Events Ltd and its sub-contractors. Copies of these contracts are available upon request.


24. Force Majeure

The performance of the Company’s obligations hereunder is subject to variation or cancellation consequent upon an ‘Act of God’, war, strikes, riot, lock-outs, or other labour disturbances, fire, flood, restrictions on the use of transport, fuel or power, or any other cause beyond the control of the Company. In the event of frustration of the Hire Contract due to any of the above causes the Hire Contract shall be deemed to be complete and upon written notice by the Company to the Client to that effect the Company shall refund to the Client any monies received in respect of the Hire Contract less 10% which shall be retained by the Company in respect of its costs and expenses.

25. Complaints Procedure

If the Client is not completely satisfied with the level of service you have received from Anaiah Grace Events Ltd, the Company requests that an email be sent to the customer services team at info@anaiahgrace.com in the first instance. An email response will be sent out within 24hrs of receipt of a complaint