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Why Silk Flowers Will Save You Time and Money

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

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Faux flowers are plastic-made, tacky and unnaturally bright! If this sounds like something you have said before, you might want to rethink it.

Modern faux flowers are absolutely revolutionary in the way they look, so much so that not even gardening experts would be able to spot they are fake! Not only that, but they’re also economical and available in any season.

But realistic artificial flowers are not only beautiful in your home. Think bigger, a birthday party, a corporate event… a wedding?

They can be made from several materials but the most beautiful ones are made of silk, giving the flower a natural look, and your party/wedding a stylish vibe. You might think, isn’t silk expensive? Well, today silk flower arrangements are no longer made of real silk, but instead are made of nylon or polyester fabrics, which make them a perfectly affordable choice, without losing the beauty of real silk.

So, here are the four reasons why you should pick silk flowers over fresh ones.

For a sophisticated and sumptuous look.
Amazing Luxe Collection

1. Seasons do not matter

Faux flowers are in season all year round. Do you want peonies for a winter wedding? You can have them! There are no limitations to creativity when it comes to silk flowers, and their texture offers true-to-life petal and foliage.

2. They are affordable

A beautiful silk floral adornment costs a fraction of the price of fresh flowers, especially if you’re renting them. In other words, you can get beautiful artificial floral arrangements on a budget, easily.

3. They are allergy-free

When it comes to big events, you don’t want your guests to be constantly sneezing in their tissue because of the floral arrangement, especially if it’s hay fever season. With silk flowers, you not only get a stunning event, but you also safeguard your esteemed guests’ wellbeing.

P.S: they also do not attract wasps and bugs!

4. They are convenient and timesaving

You can order artificial flowers months in advance of any celebration, and there will be no last-minute surprises!

At Anaiah Grace, our speciality is creating stylish, luxury artificial floral displays for all occasions – including centrepieces, arches and bouquets, using the highest quality of silk flowers on a rental basis, for a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. And if that doesn’t sound convenient enough, it’s because you haven’t heard the best part. We offer our clients six pre-designed collections that you can literally pick ‘off the shelf’, ridding you of some of the pressure of planning a big event. You choose, we do the rest, including taking them off at the end of the event.

To find out more about our services, click here to view our brochure with all the details on our products, prices and some of our previous work, or contact us directly through our sign-up form.

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