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Our Guide To The Perfect Summer Wedding

Summer is generally acknowledged as the peak wedding season, and for good reasons. With its beautiful weather, blossoming flowers, and plenty of themed ideas, now is an excellent time to say, "I do."

Unlike any other time of the year, the sunny days of summer complement practically any colour palette and colour trends. This summer they are refreshing, uplifting and joyful; Green Ash and Mint have been highlighted among favourites. However, there are still many instant mood boosters to choose from, from fruity vibrant colours like orange and lime green to pastel tints, which represent happiness, hope, and new beginnings.

Now that I’ve got the colour wheel turning in your head, the very first thought that would cross your mind is the floral arrangements and the mesmerizing decor that would bring your theme and ideas to life. Picking your flowers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning, but it is not as simple as selecting your favourite flowers and requesting them in your wedding colours. There are things to consider like seasonality, budget, and a way to preserve the beauties throughout your ceremony. That said, there is absolutely no reason to limit your theme: silk flowers are now the perfect stress-free solution! If you still want the look of fresh flowers without the price tag, faux or artificial flowers are the best option for you.

Whether you're planning a traditional big day with all of those by-the-book flower displays or going for something a little more daring, these summer-inspired silk flower arrangements are exactly what your summer wedding needs.

With such a rich colour palette, this collection ties itself well to a variety of event themes and is the ideal choice for anyone looking to create an atmosphere of elegance and timeless flair.

Trailing Wisteria transforms any venue into a beautiful summer garden in full bloom and makes a breath-taking backdrop for a day filled with magic and love.

Planning a summer wedding? Anaiah Grace can help you turn your venue into the perfect summer paradise that would make your special day unforgettable.

We offer the best artificial wedding flower packages on a budget! The quality of the silk used ensures life-like and realistic artificial flowers all year round.

We make it work for you, you can call the very same day and pick a collection without waiting for a quota.

Don't let wedding planning stress and anxiety ruin your big day, you can easily schedule a call with a member of our amazing team, or complete our same-day invoicing form, and you can leave the rest to us to bring your ideas to life!

Click here to know more about Anaiah Grace and what we have to offer.

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