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But What About The Groom?

It takes two to plan a wedding! Although most grooms are excited to get their hands dirty with the wedding planning, many brides find it difficult to let go and share the tasks at hand. When it comes to the big day, the bride usually bears the brunt of the stress. Choosing the right gown, arranging the wedding décor, and making the bridesmaids happy can all become full-time jobs on their own.

But what about the groom? The groom's sole duty, as the old adage goes, is to be there on time. Although that is important, you can’t forget that it’s the groom's wedding day too. A wedding is about two people getting together, so it is important that both of you are involved from the start. And for that, grooms... This is a special feature, just for you!

A number of our featured couples have mentioned that the groom was ultimately the decision-maker if the bride couldn't settle on anything – and above all, they offered their brides the help needed during the stressful planning phase.

Here are some of the traditional groom responsibilities, to keep in mind while planning your wedding:

  • Helping with the guestlist

  • Assisting in organising and creating the budget.

  • Choosing the wedding attire for yourself and your groomsmen.

  • Helping the bride with the thank you cards.

  • Arranging the wedding transport.

  • Contacting the photographers & videographers.

  • Planning the bar.

While all of that is crucial for the bride, you can’t forget about the most important part of any wedding… The floral arrangements.

Flowers do so much for the wedding decor, so it is important to think about your floral arrangements for that day, keeping in mind the overall theme and design of your ceremony. Traditionally the groom is expected to pay for the wedding flowers, then why not get involved with the planning process?

This is what you mostly have to consider when picking your floral arrangements.




Making a statement is very important on your wedding day. But the last thing you want to worry about is natural flowers that would require attentive care throughout the whole ceremony. With silk flower arrangements, you can order them way ahead of time regardless of the season, knowing precisely how much they'll cost. Using artificial flowers will significantly reduce your floral bill.

Wedding planning stress is all too common, but you don't have to let it spoil your big day. Anaiah Grace can help you turn your venue into the perfect springtime garden that would make your special day unforgettable.

We offer the best artificial wedding flower packages on a budget! Each of our luxury artificial flowers is hand-made and hand-painted for a truly natural and organic look, making them the most realistic artificial flowers available.

All you have to do now is have a look at our amazing collections, then schedule a call with one of our specialists! Click here for more information about Anaiah Grace and how they operate.


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