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  • Do you offer fresh flowers?
    No, we don’t as our specialty is providing (artificial) silk floral arrangements for hire. However, for bespoke design requirements, we can offer fresh flowers and would partner with a florist for this. Feel free to send us your ideas and we will gladly provide you a quote.
  • Do you offer a bespoke service for your silk floral arrangements?
    No, we don’t. A key benefit of our service is that we have ready-made collections of floral arrangements that can suit any décor, at a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. It’s also fuss-free and takes away a little pressure from you!
  • What is your minimum order fee?
    Our minimum order fee is £2,000.
  • What if I want other items you do not supply? Can you work with other suppliers?
    Yes, we would be happy to.
  • What is your minimum order fee?
    Our minimum order fee is £2,000.
  • Are the prices on your website inclusive of delivery and set-up charges?
    No, they do not include delivery and set-up. The charges will be added to your final quote.
  • Can I reuse items from my ceremony at the reception?
    Yes, you can. However, service charges do apply to cover the cost of having staff remain on-site to manage the transition. Our only stipulation around this is that the ceremony and reception spaces are in the same venue and reasonably close to each other. We quote for a minimum of three staff to remain on-site to manage the transfer and require a minimum of 1 to 1-and-a-half hours or whatever is reasonable based on your requirements.
  • Are all items on your website currently available to hire?
    All items in each of the collections advertised are available to hire. We have however included items from previous collections within our gallery, some of which are no longer part of our current designs.
  • Do you offer bespoke designs?
    We offer slight modifications to existing silk floral collections (inclusion of a few stems of flowers in a colour of your choice) but mainly limit the introduction of bespoke designs, unless it's using fresh flowers. We would be happy to quote for this on request.
  • How far outside London do you travel?
    We are based in HA1, London, and will travel up to a maximum of two hours for a one-way journey from our base. This distance will be reflected in the delivery and set-up costs of your quote.
  • Can I mix items from different collections?
    Yes. Just let us know which specific items you like and can quote for this.
  • Let’s say I like one of your collections. However, I would like to change the colour. Is this possible?"
    Our collections are available on a hire-as-seen basis; however, you can request the inclusion of a few stems of flowers in a colour of your choice as a slight modification. Additional charges apply for this.
  • In addition to flowers, do you offer complimentary decor items?"
    We work best when venues/hotels provide and set up any complimentary items needed e.g., linen and chairs. If this option is not available, we do have a very limited offering in linen and charger plates. If you require any additional items, our suggestion is that you outsource them directly. We have an extensive network of suppliers and can make recommendations if needed.
  • Do you help with general set up?
    Our focus on the day will be to set up the items we have supplied. Kindly ensure you make adequate arrangements for the set up of any additional items that are not supplied by us. This also includes items from any suppliers you have contacted directly through our recommendation.
  • Do you help set up tables/chairs?
    No. As these are not items that we supply, it is outside of our remit to do so. To allow for smooth running of the day, we will require these to be in place prior to our arrival at the venue.
  • Will you move chairs between the ceremony and reception?
    No. As we do not supply chairs for guests, it is outside of our remit. If you require this service, we can help supply porters to specifically cover your request. This will be at an additional cost.
  • I see what I want on your website. How do I request a quote?
    At the bottom of the page of each collection will be a price list and a link to click that says: ‘Request a Quote’. Once you do that, you will be taken to a form to complete to request your quote.
  • Can I speak to a member of your team to discuss my requirements?
    If you would like a quick chat with a member of our friendly team, you can request a telephone consultation via our Contact Us page.
  • What happens on event day?
    We confirm arrangements four weeks before your event and plan our arrival to give enough time to set up. On the day, we will arrive with the required number of staff and set up the arrangements straight away. If items are being re-used between the ceremony and reception, we will wait on site to help move them. If not, we will return towards the end of the event (on the same day) to remove all items hired from us.
  • Do you offer consultations?
    Yes, we do. You can have an initial telephone consultation to discuss your requirements, and then a further face-to-face consultation, if required, at our base in HA1, London. Relevant details will be provided upon request.
  • Do you offer site visits?
    Yes, but as our products are not bespoke, it isn’t always necessary. However, should it be required, we only offer it to clients who have paid the initial £200 to book their event date with us.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Here they are: £200 to book your event date for 6 weeks - payable within 1 day of receiving your invoice. This is a holding sum to ensure no other bookings are made on your date. In that 6 weeks, we discuss and finalise the details of your booking. The remaining payments are as below: 25% of the full invoice amount - payable 6 weeks from the date your initial payment was made. 75% of the full invoice amount - payable 6 weeks before your event date Please see our terms of hire for further information.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    No, we do not. We are very reasonably priced for the service we offer.
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