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Classic Beauty


With our Classic Beauty Collection, the meaning is in the name. It’s all about timeless, understated class.


The collection consists of hydrangeas and roses on beautiful white stands creating a look of simplicity, elegance and style. Even in this delicate simplicity, the wow factor remains; the look is one that will leave your guests speechless and is a real reminder that less is indeed always more!


From £1,340.00

Tall centerpieces - £100 
Carpet hire - £180 
Ceremony table decorations - £120
Short clear plinths - £15
Candles (set of 3) - £15

Reception add-ons

Based on 150 guests from  £2,275.00

Tall classic beauty centerpieces - £100 
Candlelabra centerpieces - £70
Crystal candlestick centerpieces - £50
Top table floral and candle design - £300
Classic beauty backdrop with 3 x chandeliers - £500
Votive candleholders (set of 3) - £5
Stemmed candleholders - £15
Mini floral arrangements in vases (set of 3) - £5

Prices above are quoted on a per item basis

Quote will take into account reuse of items between ceremony and reception (for events taking place in the same venue).

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